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Lila Consuelo Anton was born in the province of Shizuoka, in central Japan. Her parents, both originally from New York City, settled in Japan in 1975. She is the youngest of their four children.

Her family is well known in intercultural circles, and is highly regarded as representing a successful model of cross-cultural living and adaptation.

Since an early age, she was curious about the dynamics of culture and ethnicity. Her upbringing instilled in her the belief that even with our differences, it is possible to live in coexistence. Her interest and passion for this subject and her curiosity of different cultures and society led her to obtain her degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Sociology and Anthropology from Guilford College in North Carolina.

Lila’s first language is Japanese, and her rich multicultural background includes university studies in the United States, Ghana, and Palestine. 

Lila currently lives and works in Los Angeles.