FULL CIRCLE is a documentary about  Bill and Karen, two New York City natives that began an adventurous life together that lead them to travel to Japan.  Amidst the turbulence of the 1970s, they set out on an odyssey across the world. Bill, a Jewish man from East Village and Karen, a black woman from Washington Heights, fell in love and left the U.S. with an opportunity to study cooking for one year in Japan. After briefly living in Belgium, they embarked by car, arriving in Japan a year later, in the summer of 1975. They settled in rural Japan, where they raised four children who speak Japanese as their first language and adopted Japanese culture as their own.  40 years later, their story is a testament to humanity: instead of focusing on differences, they believed they could create a new life for themselves. Today, their children and grandchildren are symbols of diversity, of this belief in human commonality. As the family grows, they continue to deconstruct racial and cultural barriers that hinder our civilization.

FULL CIRCLE is in early stages of its production,  and aiming to release in spring of 2017.